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Submitted on April 22, 2021
Buying real estate isn’t always an easy process. Many people understand the basic process of contacting a realtor, securing financing, selecting a property, negotiating a price, and then closing. But while this is the standard process for purchasing property, you may want to consider other kinds of transactions depending on the wider state of the market and your own financial situation. For years, creative real estate types have arranged lease purchases, acquired deeds subject to an existing mortgage, and turned to so-called hard money financing. Unfortunately, these unorthodox arrangements...
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Submitted on March 24, 2021
Since the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007, no one can honestly argue that technology in general (and personal communications technology more specifically) has played an increasingly larger role in our lives year after year. In areas as diverse as entertainment and politics, investing and traveling, the always-on, internet-connected smartphone has played an outsized role — and real estate is no exception.
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Submitted on February 11, 2021
Upon seeing the above title, you may find yourself asking, “Why try to make your property manager happy? Isn’t it their job to make me happy?” And you’d have a point. Property managers want nothing more than to make sure that landlords, property managers, homeowner associations, and condo associations get their rent, have vacancies promptly filled, and see maintenance issues quickly resolved. After all, that’s what makes a good property manager!
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Submitted on January 27, 2021
If there’s one inevitability when owning property, it’s that the expenses never stop. From repairs and improvements to taxes and insurance, the bills always come piling in. It doesn’t matter whether or not tenants have continued to pay or if you’ve managed to convert underperforming real estate into cold, hard cash: You’ll still have to part with funds. 
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Submitted on December 1, 2020
Some of the things that dissuade people from investing in residential or commercial real estate are management hassles and difficulties. Repairing damage left by a disgruntled tenant, having to market a recently vacated unit, and collecting rent in a prompt manner aren’t tasks for the faint of heart. That’s why many investors end up turning to real estate management companies to deal with both their occupied units and vacant units.
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Submitted on November 3, 2020
While tenants and various kinds of armchair advocates like to complain that landlords don’t “do anything” to earn their income, such a sentiment couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, landlording can be one of the most challenging jobs out there. From property upkeep and tenant troubles to ordinance compliance and simple time management, making all of the proverbial pieces fit is anything but easy. That’s why so many property owners make the decision to hire a property manager.
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Submitted on September 29, 2020
Businesses aren’t static things like stones sunk in a riverbed, impervious to the chaos swirling around them. Rather they are like the river itself. Sometimes their market share is little more than a thin trickle. Other times it’s a fast-moving torrent, catching up everything around it in its current. And still other times it glides on slow and wide and steady. Of course, the changing nature of businesses as they expand and contract leads to changing needs, such as new strategies, shifting marketing — and new spaces in which to work. It’s the rare company that doesn’t periodically need new...
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Submitted on September 9, 2020
“You cannot make progress without making decisions.” Different sources attribute that pithy proverb to different authors, but no matter who coined it, the message is plain: Any sort of success will require you to make a choice — and usually more than one. Selecting specific courses of action isn’t always easy, though, and that’s doubly true when it comes to picking a new space for a commercial business.
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Submitted on July 28, 2020
The choice of a commercial space often has a major impact on business operations and, ultimately, its success. When looking for a commercial space, affordability often becomes the driving force. But the rental rate should only be one factor in choosing a space for your business. The wrong location, layout, amenities, or other factors could hinder your company’s growth or even sabotage your business. Let’s consider some of the many ways commercial spaces influence business growth.
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Submitted on June 23, 2020
We’ve all heard the mantra about buying a home: location, location, location. But does it apply to commercial real estate location as well? Here are the most important considerations when purchasing commercial property.
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