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Submitted on May 31, 2022
When you are participating in a real estate auction as a seller or buyer, the purpose of a bid deposit is to ensure that only serious bidders will compete for the property. Most notably for players new to the auction game, understanding the requirements of – and protections afforded by – deposit funds isn’t always easy. To help minimize confusion as a potential investor, here are a dozen things you need to know before committing your hard-earned bucks to a deposit at auction.  
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Submitted on April 27, 2022
Property auctions are one of the easiest and most efficient ways to buy and sell all types of commercial investment properties. Before you participate in an auction, it’s essential to understand how auction fees – often called auction commission or auction charges – are applied. As a potential seller or investor, this commercial property auction fees guide contains all the information you’ll need to make a better-informed decision.
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Submitted on March 31, 2022
Selling commercial real estate isn’t easy, especially when you’re a beginner. Earning a hefty profit requires the ability to effectively market your investment property to a wide audience of interested buyers. Options when listing a commercial property for sale or investing in a new property include a traditional private sale or auction.  
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Submitted on February 22, 2022
You have two main options when selling a commercial real estate property: traditional sale or auction. Depending on your objectives and timeline, each option has advantages and disadvantages that you must consider first to receive the best price possible. To help you make a better-informed decision, these are the pros and cons of selling your property through a real estate auction vs. a traditional sale.  
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Submitted on October 14, 2021
When prospective homeowners typically imagine what purchasing a property will entail, they imagine a lengthy, back-and-forth process with lots of negotiation and a lengthy settlement process. And while that may be the typical way most individuals purchase a house, it’s far from the only one! Learning to buy a house at auction may sound challenging, but it’s a lot easier than you may think. What’s more, both traditional and online property auctions offer buyers a number of benefits. “What benefits?” you may ask. From speedier transactions to ease of purchasing to less bureaucracy, home...
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Submitted on September 22, 2021
As a property owner, landlord, or investor, trying to rent a commercial property on your own in a highly competitive market like Chicago can be frustrating. On the other hand, hiring a reputable commercial leasing manager as a trusted advisor could save you time, money, and stress. If your current commercial property rental strategy isn’t getting the job done, here’s how to ensure that you hire the best commercial real estate leasing firm to manage your investment.   
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Submitted on August 31, 2021
The commercial side of real estate can be an appealing proposition for any investor, as investing in commercial properties allows you to dip into a new pool of clients and grow your business interests. As with most investments, commercial real estate property investing comes with rewards and risks.  
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Submitted on August 6, 2021
Auctions can prove incredibly powerful at moving properties, especially if you find yourself with a unique piece of real estate or one that you want to sell in a relatively short time period. But in order to make an auction work for you, you should understand a number of powerful real estate pricing strategies. Accidentally selling significantly below your desired amount or failing to sell at all can cost you more than just money. Opportunities have costs, too. 
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Submitted on August 2, 2021
When buying or selling a commercial or residential property, most buyers and sellers have a preconceived notion as to how the process will unfold. Usually both parties work with a real estate professional, a negotiation process takes place, the listing price often gets whittled down, and ownership transfers after lots of back and forth. But the transaction can unfold entirely differently when buyers and sellers employ competitive bidding.  
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Submitted on July 15, 2021
The number of real estate stakeholders choosing to invest in commercial properties is on the rise, and with good reason. It is a worthy investment, one that is likely to reap large financial benefits. However, with the increase in reward comes added responsibility. Which is why it’s very important to do your research and consider best practices before investing. 
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