Commercial Real Estate in Chicago, IL

Millennium Properties is your premier partner to find, sell and invest in Chicago area commercial real estate. With headquarters in the Loop we're located in the heart of Chicago's bustling commercial real estate marketplace. Working with a robust mix of local, national and international businesses, we specialize in identifying first-rate real estate opportunities for sale or for lease and then lead our clients in making sound short and long-term investment decisions for their real estate.

Our Focus is Chicago Commercial Real Estate

Since 1996, we've guided both new and established companies to rent or purchase commercial real estate in prime Chicago locations. We recognize the unique requirements of each type of business and strategize with our clients on their real estate, facility and location priorities as we survey opportunities within the market.

Whether you're looking for commercial space for lease or for sale in Chicago, we can use our experience to help you find the perfect:

  • Industrial warehouse location
  • Office space for 1-1,000+ people
  • Mixed use commercial space
  • Apartment building
  • Vacant development site or redevelopment property

In addition to finding both local and national companies commercial space for rent, we can also assist with the sale of unneeded buildings or land and identify the right interested buyers. When appropriate, we can also coordinate either a sealed-bid or live auction to help market the available commercial real estate for sale and help you free up cash for other investments or acquisitions.

Commercial Real Estate Listings in Chicago's Loop, Suburbs and Surrounding States

Not only are there many kinds of commercial real estate in Downtown Chicago, but there are many different neighborhoods, suburbs and cities in the Chicagoland area that can offer ideal building, land and build-out options to meet your needs. No matter your company type or size, the commercial real estate agents at Millennium Properties can help find numerous properties and locations to support your business drivers, whether that includes foot traffic or easy access to major highways.

With a focus on Chicago area neighborhoods, including the Downtown Chicago Loop, and the surrounding communities and suburbs throughout the Chicagoland area, our team of commercial real estate brokers has developed impressive knowledge of the local market, occupancy trends and market rents. This level of in-depth Chicago familiarity can be the difference between selecting the optimal commercial real estate for rent in an upcoming neighborhood and over-paying for a space in the wrong part of town. Your business can't risk the downside of moving forward with a commercial real estate listing in the wrong location!

Serving Chicago's Small Businesses, Non-Profits & Multi-National Firms

No matter the  size of your company, the commercial real estate brokers at Millennium Properties can help you find the appropriate retail, office or industrial space to:

  • House your employees
  • Welcome your customers
  • Store or assemble your products, and
  • Protect your equipment

Whether you're looking to buy or lease a short term rental or a longer-term commercial investment opportunity, we can help you find commercial real estate that will fit your needs.

Over the course of our company history, Millennium Properties has worked with businesses of all kinds to find commercial space for sale, including manufacturing firms, non-profit organizations, retail stores and corporate offices, to name a few. Our expert commercial real estate agents can help you make an informed decision for your future commercial space based on your specific company goals tied to location, budget, square footage, available parking, and the like. With a vast array of high-quality Chicago commercial real estate listings, Millennium Properties can find your company the perfect space or facility to meet your needs.

Types of Commercial Space for Lease, Rent & Sale in Chicago

From retail space to offices and industrial properties, the team of commercial real estate brokers at Millennium Properties can help you find real estate opportunities to take your business to the next level. When you're doing business in a facility that makes sense for your workforce, enhances your processes or puts you in closer proximity to your customers, you can cut costs, increase foot traffic, improve your margins and develop efficiencies that would not otherwise have been possible.

In addition, we realize that convenient access to transportation methods and carriers is a top priority for many companies. As we research available commercial real estate opportunities, we'll  ensure that prospective locations have access to any required transportation hubs for road, air, or rail, as well as requisite intermodal, warehousing, or truck terminal facilities.

Just a few examples of the many kinds of commercial real estate listings that our Chicago clients are actively buying, selling, and leasing on a regular basis include:

  • Medical offices, hospitals and clinics
  • Single or multi-tenant office buildings in the suburbs or Chicago
  • Restaurants, bars and cafés
  • Retail shopping centers and individual storefronts
  • Automotive properties and garages
  • Warehousing and storage facilities
  • Production, manufacturing and various industrial buildings
  • Apartments, duplexes and other investment income rental buildings
  • Hotels and other lodging accommodations
  • Churches and other religious congregation spaces
  • Farmland or woodland acreage
  • Undeveloped land

Dedicated Commercial Real Estate Agents & Brokers

As one of the top commercial real estate companies in Chicago, it's no surprise that when new commercial real estate for sale hits the market, our brokers and agents immediately reach out to their network of active investors and companies looking for new local space. This proactive approach helps our clients grab up some of the hottest real estate on the market. Conversely, when Millennium Properties' clients are planning to sell their existing real estate, we work just as hard to reach prospective buyers through advertising and other commercial real estate marketing efforts.

We've worked hard to develop trusting, transparent and continued relationships with our investors, owners and occupants, by helping them find the right Chicago commercial real estate listings. In doing so, we've surpassed other local commercial real estate companies in terms of excellent service and trust, simply by having a firm grasp of the local market and a thorough understanding of our clients' business challenges.

Millenium PropertiesWhether you need insightful market condition research, building improvement recommendations or consulting on a long-term growth strategy, our knowledgeable team of commercial real estate brokers and agents will provide a helping hand and guidance in support of your goals. From negotiating the best price for your preferred piece of Chicago commercial real estate to securing tenants and recommending local construction and service providers, we're here to support you.